Nov 5, 2011


Dear friends and whoever it may concern,

I know you must be wondering where I am since you can't reach me through phone or find me on facebook
Now, let me tell you why...
I just want to disconnect from people that I know for a period of.....erm, I'm not sure yet
I need some time for myself to find solitude
I've hurt too much with a couple of you, you and you
So please give me some space and maybe we could use this time to reflect ourself

Maybe we hurt each other without we realize
Maybe we said something we shouldn't have said
Maybe we thought that person is Okay but the truth is that person is NOT okay
Whatever...but just reflect!

I know things doesn't always go according to plan, I understand that
But I hope one day this wound will heal
And we can say Hi to each other again
Talk and laugh like we used to
But I don't know how we're gonna handle this
Could we still be friends?
Maybe! Only Allah knows best

Anyway, if you're wondering where to find me, just search me on blog or twitter
Or you can email me, you know the address
I will reply, sooner or later I will, I promise!
It just the matter of I-don't-reply-immediately-after-I-read so please be patience

I hope one day things will go back to normal
As if nothing happen and this letter never ever exist

Yours Sincerely,


lydia said...

fatt!! lawa la header!! suke 3x...

gadisBunga™ said...

find your secret garden fatt, the place where you can find your solitude. our prayers are with you...

Ren said...

Semoga ko tenang fatt..aku sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan kengkawan....

Hida Kadiso said...

cantek.. lauhnye bejalan.. =D

Azizan Zolkipli said...

keyword: Allah know best !